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Meet our Goldens

Here you will learn about the members of our pack! We hope you enjoy all the pictures of them since they were babies, all the way up until now.


Lily is the golden who started it all! She is our first golden, and the alpha of our pack! She is a beautiful shade of golden, with a super soft coat. Lily loves to be loved, she loves to be pet, and she loves a good belly rub! Her favorite thing to do is play fetch and run around with Teddy and Penny! Lily has a high ball drive and is extremely smart. She learns very fast! But, dont let her "golden energy" fool you, she loves to sleep in, loves all her people, and is as sweet as can be! 

Lily is also DNA health tested through embark, and is OFA certified in hips,elbows,eyes and heart. She is also CHIC certified. you can check out her records on K9 Data, by clicking the box below.


Teddy is our laid-back boy! he is big and blocky. with a very full luxurious coat. His coat is very light in color and slightly wavy. Just like Lily, he loves to be loved, this 80-pound boy thinks that he is an 8-pound lap dog! A fun fact about Teddy is that his parents are from Ukraine and Romania. Teddy is one of the most laid back goldens I think I've ever met. But! he still loves to play! He doesn't like to play fetch as much as lily, but he's always right there next to her as they run like the wind! 

Teddy is also DNA health tested through embark, and is OFA certified in hips,elboys,eyes and heart. he is also CHIC certified. You can check out his records on K9 Data by clicking the box below.


Penny is the youngest golden in our pack! She will be a first-time mama this year, and we are very excited, we know she will be the best mama to her babies! Penny has a thick, long coat that's deep red in color. She is so kind and loving. Her favorite thing to do is give kisses!  Penny loves to cuddle and loves to run around and chase lizards! Penny has the most beautiful light brown eyes, I know once she becomes a mama, some of her babies will inherit that trait just like she did from her mama.

Penny is DNA health tested, and OFA certified in eyes, and heart. You can view her records on K9 Data, by clicking the link below.

Lily, Teddy, and Penny

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